11/22/63 by Stephen King 

It took me a better part of the month but I finally finished 11/22/63. For those who don’t know, the date is significant because JFK was assassinated November 22, 1963. 

King outdoes himself in this one. Jake Epping is just a regular guy. He’s divorced, he teaches English and much like every stereotypical English teacher, he would like to one day write the great American novel. When a dying friend introduces him to a rabbit role that takes him back to 1958, Jake thinks he must be losing his marbles. He goes through the hole and what does he find? A way to change the future, a way to save lives and a way to make a difference. Who could resist? Jake takes on a pseudonym and lives in 1958. He makes friends, changes lives and embarks on a mission to stop the assassination of JFK. The trouble is, the past doesn’t always want to be changed and when the past bites back it has no mercy. 

Boy do I ever have a book hangover from this one. First of all the book weighing in at just over 800 pages is not a light weight. For some crazy reason I skipped the ereader and went straight to the paperback. Even though I had a shoulder cramp for days from carrying it around in my purse, it was well worth it. The book is amazing and unlike other King novels the ending is something both believable and realistic ( well as realistic as time travel). 11/22/63 is a must read for both new and old King fans. 

The review that never happened. 

I was going to write a review of Friend of my Youth by Alice Munro but then my house got broken into and suddenly the book was more of a life raft then a platform for writing a review. I’m not sure if I’ll get to that review, it’s stuck in an in between that’s now associated with a bad time in my life but maybe, one day.