The Stephen King Challenge

I adore Stephen King, there is a depth to his writing, a wide array of layers that when peeled back slowly (you never rush a Stephen King novel) lead to an exceptionally fulfilling reading moment. My goal is (I have no idea how long it will take) to read all of Stephen King’s novels. Before I began my blog I read The Shining, IT, Under the Dome and The Stand. At the time because I did not have a blog I didn’t write any reviews. I don’t think I will go back and re review these books but from here on out I will be posting one for each of the novels I read.

Some may wonder what’s the point? Stephen King’s novels inspire me. I take my time with them, reveling in the description and the quiet settings that explode into something more. I hope you enjoy my reviews and that if you have never picked up one of these novels you are inspired to do so. Happy reading!



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