Free iBooks!

While strolling through the free iBook section I noticed that among the oddballs, classics and the random joke books there are actually quite a few treasures. Here is a short and by no means comprehensive list of books and categories of books that I came across:

1. 12 Years a Slave: I did not think that I would find this as a free iBook, however not only is it free but there are also illustrations included in this version.

2. The Walking Dead: The first comic book of the series is available on the app.

3. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Who doesn’t remember watching Brad Pitt in this heart warming and strange tale?

4. Self help books: I came across quite a few books on money saving techniques, human behaviour, how to make conversation and ways to deal with anxiety and depression.

5. Lots of great healthy eating books: They’re not very comprehensive but they are to the point and most of them have great simple recipes for those of us who like to experiment with different foods.

6. Workout books: Similar to the healthy eating books not all of these books are comprehensive and they don’t always provide the greatest instructions but I think they’re a great stepping stone for anyone looking to switch up their exercise routine.

7. Children’s books: Whose child, nephew or niece hasn’t made a grab for the iPhone or iPad? Heck, sometimes we just hand it to them in the hopes that the monsoon of tears and screaming will stop. Well guess what folks, there are quite a few free children’s books available to keep your little person occupied.

Happy reading!



15 ab exercises you have never done but should do: The iBook that keeps on giving!

Authors: Arnel Ricafranca & Jesse Vince-Cruz

I was a little hesitant when I first came across this iBook. Ab exercises can be the hardest form of exercise to not only do but also do well. Learning proper form and technique from a book, well I had my doubts. I was however proven wrong because…drum roll please…this iBook comes with videos for each of the 15 moves! Not only that but Coach Arnel has a very straightforward explanation on how to approach each movement in either a beginner or advanced form. I also feel it’s important to point out that in his explanation of each video he critiques his own form thus giving you a better idea of how and why to make slight changes. At the end of the iBook there is a link to a workout website that further expands on the moves and offers even more free videos. This iBook is a quick and informative read for anyone who is looking to switch up his or her exercise routine.

Yoga: 10 Exercises for Beginners

I have no idea what made me decide to review free iBooks. Perhaps I was hoping to find treasure, that one really good find among the riff raff. This book unfortunately was not what I would call a good find. Yoga: 10 Exercises for Beginners is free on the iBook and I have to say that it kind of sucks. I’ll start with the positive aspects, there are some really great pictures and the instructions are fairly clear and that’s pretty much it. What I did not like was that some of the moves are unrealistic for beginners and for people with limited flexibility. I really love yoga, it’s a great way to relieve stress and tension from the body but I don’t think this iBook is the best way to learn. Modified moves for someone who is just beginning to learn yoga are so important. It is also helpful if you understand the benefits of each yoga position so you know how and why to do it correctly. Other then offering basic instructions this iBook doesn’t give any other insight. To be fair, it is free and you get what you pay for so in this case I paid nothing and received nothing. No harm done!

Best Jokes (2014)

They say laughter is the best medicine and if you’re looking for a few giggles and some random outbursts of full on laughing I would recommend this book. Not all of the jokes are original but there are quite a few funny ones. A good joke never hurt anyone right? This book is free on the iBook app so why not? Download, share a laugh with a friend, a loved one, a stranger and enjoy!

Smoothies for Good Health by Marie A. Roy a healthy review!


So this book is short. I mean really short. Honestly, it’s only 27 pages and since it was free off of the iBook I decided to give it a read and I am so glad I did. The recipes are simple and don’t require any fancy ingredients. Not only that, but each recipe includes one or two sentences on how the smoothie can benefit your health. There’s a recipe for improving concentration, getting rid of headaches, there’s even one for acne. If you have a few minutes and access to the book for free, I would say go for it!

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