You will be missed 

There are some stories that stick in your mind. Years later, when you’ve transitioned from child to adult you’ll still remember that novel you read with a flashlight late into the night. For me, it was Harry Potter. When I found out today that Alan Rickman had passed it felt like two people had died. One, the actor, the other the beloved character we’ve known and loved for over a decade.
It’s not an easy task portraying a well-known personality especially when the story is as much loved as Harry Potter. Making the transition from words on a page to a real human being, Alan Rickman was more then up to the task. I think I speak for everyone when I say that he surpassed all expectations, he gave life to Rowling’s words in a way that will never leave us. More than that, he loved the character and the story in a way which not all actors do. Maybe, it’s because so few have the opportunity to follow their character for such a long period of time or maybe it’s the magic of the story. Regardless, Alan Rickman will be missed, it’s fitting that his most memorable persona, Professor Snape, someone who personified love and sacrifice will be his greatest tribute.
  Photo credit : tumbr 


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