In the dead of winter, there is Louise Penny, Armand Gamache and Three Pines

The Nature of the Beast is a stellar novel and once again Louise Penny outdoes herself. In this latest instalment, Armand Gamache is faced with the death of a little boy from the village. Known for crying wolf and claiming that monsters and aliens lurk in the woods, the murder comes as a shock to the quiet community of Three Pines. The murder of Laurent is further complicated by the appearance of a giant gun in the woods. Who built it and why is it hidden in a quiet Quebec village?

There is a simple reason why I love the Armand Gamache series; the imagery is brilliant. It doesn’t get very cold in Vancouver and it snows only sporadically so when winter rolls around I crave snow, a fireplace and below zero temperature, and Louise Penny delivers every-time. The characters invite you into their lives, serve you a steaming cup of apple cider with a chocolate croissant and tell you about their latest troubles. It’s a brilliant series and I cannot wait to read more. This book, this series, is a must read for any book lover looking to get lost in a small village in the middle of winter. 


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