Prisoner of Tehran my Marina Neemat 

I just finished Prisoner of Tehran by Marina Neemat and I sense a major book hangover in my future. Marina Neemat was a political prisoner at Evan prison in Iran during the Iranian revolution. She was imprisoned for two years for speaking out during her calculus class and asking the revolutionary guard/teacher to teach something other then religion. The story is harrowing in its bravery and honesty but what stood out the most for me was how ordinary my life seemed, how innocuous my decisions, compared to Marina’s life.

The story was beautiful and terrifying. At times it was difficult to understand how one person could be so brave in the midst of so much death but that’s the Westerner in me talking. I haven’t experienced much in the grand scheme of things and so there were definitely moments in the book that I had difficulty relating to. I have to say this book really inspired me to learn more about Iran and Islam. There’s beauty in every religion and culture but sometimes things get skewed by a radical group who think they have all of the answers. I would recommend this book to anyone whose looking to learn something and be inspired. 



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