The Silver Star by Jeannette Walls

The Silver Star by Jeannette Walls is the story of two sisters, a broken family and the lessons we learn growing up. When Bean and Liz are left alone by their mother again it comes as no great shock. It’s happened before, their mother, an aspiring songstress and actress has always had more on her mind then raising two kids. When their mother doesn’t return and a police officer starts snooping around, the sisters decide to pack their things and head to Byler, the small town their mother grew up in. Their Uncle Tinsley takes them in and soon Bean and Liz learn that although coming to Byler provides stability for them, their mothers reputation precedes them, making fitting in almost impossible. When Liz is assaulted by her boss the sisters become even more ostracized by the townspeople and soon it begins to feel like it’s the sisters vs. the world. 

Walls weaves together a beautiful story about not just family but the bonds that we create with those we love. She gives resonance to the phrase “blood is thicker then water”. Bean has an irrevocably beautiful voice as a narrator and the story she tells and the ways in which she loves makes this story unforgettable and amazing. I adore Jeannette Walls and her penchant for writing about families that are broken but yet so whole. Definitely a must read. 


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