Seriously such an awesome book 

I just finished Finders Keepers by Stephen King and about halfway through I realized that I must be insane because I got it, I understood not just the good guy but the bad one as well. How often does that happen?

In his latest novel King explores the mind of a fanatical reader Morris Bellamy. Morris becomes so obsessed with his favourite author that he goes on a murder rampage when he finds out that the character he idolized, Jimmy Gould, is nothing but a sell out perpetuated by an author that didn’t understand his own character.  

Pete Saubers is just an ordinary kid until he happens upon an old suitcase filled with notebooks and cash. Pete does what any kid with parents going through a hard time would do, he doles the money out to his parents anonymously helping them save their marriage and get out from under their financial hole. Things are great until the money runs out and all Peter has left is notebooks filled with work by a long dead author. The lives of Pete and Morris come together when Pete decides to sell the notebooks and Morris comes looking for them. In typical King fashion, the novel is a rip roaring good time. 

Before writing my own review I read a few other perspectives on King’s latest novel. The review that stuck with me the most was a young lady who proclaimed that this novel was King’s letter to his Constant Reader telling us that he will be bowing out soon. In the novel, the famous author Rothstein decides to lives a secluded life away from the public and to only write for himself. I can’t imagine King signing off in the same way and I imagine there would be more then a few fanatical readers who would be seriously upset if he stopped writing (not murder angry but a shake of the head and maybe a few tears angry). I for one hope he lives and writes forever. 


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