Revival by Stephen King 

When I first fell in love with Stephen King’s novels it wasn’t just because of his stellar storytelling and unique characters; it was because King managed to capture the idea of home and all of its smells, people and feelings so well. Revivial, his newest book, reminded me why I couldn’t put down Joyland, IT and The Stand, it’s because King knows, I mean he really knows how to get to a readers heart and make you care about what happens.


Jamie Morton was just a boy when he met Charles Jacobs. Charles was the local Reverand, he taught the kids in town about electricity, God and life. While he preached, his beautiful wife Patsy would play the piano and their young son Morrie would play with the other children. Life was good life until the day of the accident. Patsy and Morrie are killed and suddenly Reverand Jacobs isn’t himself anymore. Gone is the man who believed in a higher power, all that’s left is the bitter shell of someone who has lost too much too quickly.


Fast forward ten years and Jamie hasn’t seen Reverend Jacobs since he was a child. Now Jamie is a rockstar living the rockstar life; drugs, drugs and more drugs. Death is at his door until he meets an old friend with a new found faith in miracles. Reverend Jacobs may not believe in God anymore but he definitely believes in electricity and he says he can fix Jamie but at what cost? He says he’s fixed others as well but who and more importantly how? 

King left me speechless with his latest novel. He’s a wordsmith and a classic storyteller with a penchant for the gory and the understated. I don’t know how he does it but I hope he never stops. 


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