A blurb about change 

Next week I’ll be leaving an office that I have been a part of for just shy of three years and it’s left me feeling slightly unhinged. 

I started at CP when I was a student. I was driven, hungry, ambitious and I wanted more. I found myself doing presentations and research, always trying to be one step ahead of the game. I didn’t realize it at the time but I was taking the first steps into becoming the woman I am today. I also didn’t realize that it was the people that I worked with who drove me, inspired me and changed me.

This office shaped me; the people, the work, it made me want to be something more. I found myself here, I found my passion for books, for writing, for language, for dedication and the need to live a life unencumbered by stress that didn’t matter. It’s funny because the job itself had nothing to do with any of these things and yet they are what I learned the most.

I shared milestones with these people; graduation, marriage and now I am moving on. I feel woefully unprepared to leave my extended family. I think that probably on my last day, when the clock hits three, I’ll be sitting in the parking lot trying to take it all in. The last time I’ll leave the office, the last time I’ll be one of them.

It’s a short coming humans have, we care too much. The caring brings us down and we often make decisions based on the heart rather then the head. If life were different, I would have stayed at CP forever but sometimes change is the kick in the ass we all need.


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