Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

It took me three weeks to read this book and it was a long three weeks. I zipped through The Outlander and expected the same with Dragonfly in Amber but it just wasn’t possible. I bought The Outlander on my ereader and was able to read on my phone and tablet whenever I had a few moments to spare. I take my tablet everywhere but a massive 947 page book is definitely not an easy thing to lug around. Before I give my review I thought I would begin with some advice, get the ebook. It’s much easier on your hands and you’ll probably finish it sooner then the hardcopy.

Dragonfly in Amber picks up twenty years after Claire returns from seventeenth century Scotland. Looking for the opportunity to tell her daughter, Brianna, about her true identity Claire takes her back to Scotland. She tells the story of how she and Jamie attempted to thwart Prince Charles in his bid to take back the throne. Stop the Prince stop the war but is it possible to rewrite history? If the war is to happen then that means death for the Highlanders but if Jamie and Claire’s plans are found out that would mean being branded a traitor and sentenced to a fate worse then death.

I loved this book for many reasons. To begin with, Brianna Randall is a compelling character and the brief moments we spend with her are my favourites from the book. She is a smart and fiery combination of Jamie and Claire and I look forward to seeing her story progress. Then, there is Claire. She grows in this book becoming less of the timid creature we met in The Outlander. She is self assured, knows her duty as an unwilling seer and she knows that although Frank will always hold a special place in her heart Jamie is the one for her. Nothing annoys me more then a heroine who enjoys being the victim and Claire is a hero in her own right.

When I first found out that there was a twenty year time span between the first and second book I was hesitant. I didn’t think I would enjoy it and felt like I had been short changed. I wanted to know what happened immediately after Claire came back to the present and back to Frank. Diana however wove in all of the necessary details while showing the necessity of the passage of time. Now it’s not just Claire’s story but Brianna’s as well and I look forward to seeing how the rest of the series unfolds.


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