Samsung Tab 4 review

I have had the Samsung Tab 4 for about two weeks now and I absolutely love it! I bought it because my Kobo was getting old and although I was one of the lucky few that didn’t have many problems with it, it is a hit or miss with Kobo products. Also, the Kobo does not come with a warranty which for me is a deal breaker. I did my research and discovered that the Samsung had great reviews both as a tablet and as an ereader. Below are some pros and cons for the Samsung that I’ve found over the past two weeks:

-Super light.
-Easy to use, I thought it would be harder switching from an iPad to the tablet but it’s surprisingly user friendly and not as intimidating as it seems.
– You can access the Kobo store through the app whereas on Apple products this isn’t possible.
– The graphics are amazing.
– For those of you who download your library books you can download the Adobe Overdrive app on to your tablet instead of having to do it on a desktop or laptop.
– Unlike the iPad it has an expandable memory and the memory cards are fairly inexpensive.
– The price is phenomenal. I bought mine for $179 which is a little more then the Kobo but much less then the iPad.

– The Kobo app is slow but once it’s on it works great. It even has a feature where you can adjust the brightness and the page display so that it’s similar to how it is on the Kobo.
– Sometimes when you go from one page to the next it doesn’t switch right away. You really need to find the right spot to tap otherwise it will either go back or you’ll end up with the toolbar turning on.

Overall, I can’t complain. I bought the tablet as an early Christmas gift to myself during Cyber Monday from Best Buy. They offer a replacement warranty which I think is great because nothing annoys me more then people who offer to fix something that they really can’t. Have you bought a Samsung tablet? What was your experience?


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