Wool (Part 1) by Hugh Howey: A Literary Genius

Hugh Howey is amazing. I’ve only just finished part 1 of the Wool Series and I didn’t expect to be smitten so fast. The story is unlike any futuristic world I’ve read about before. Within a 60 page span Howey explains the world within the Silo. In this world people live underground and can only view the outside world through cameras. Everyone is taught not to long for the outside world because it holds nothing but bleakness and despair.

There are no criminals in the Silo but if someone were to commit a crime they are sent to the cleaning, meaning they go outside and clean the cameras. Then, they die.

Howey doesn’t go into excruciating details about this world and how it came to be and because of this he is able to focus on the important details, the things you need to know to become invested in the two main characters. It’s a sign of a great writer, I think, to get a reader so committed to the story within such a short span of time. Kudos to you Hugh Howey, I look forward to reading the remaining stories.


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