Throttle: King and Little King


Throttle is a short story by Joe Hill and Stephen King. For those of you not familiar with the King lineage, Joe is Stephen’s son and he, like his father has a cunning for the scare factor. The story is about a gang of bikers being chased through the desert by a crazed trucker. In typical King fashion the deaths are gruesome, bloody and cringe worthy. However, unlike most King novels, there is a shocking end. Of the King novels that I have read I can say that the resolution to his stories tends to lean toward the paranormal. With this one, it was evident that Joe had a heavy hand in mapping out the characters, setting and the plot. There is a poetic justice to the ending that I have never before seen in a King novel.

Throttle is a short but fun read for anyone looking to be grossed out quickly. I recommend downloading it from the Kobo app, there are some very cool images interspersed throughout the story.


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