Thin is in

She approached with hunger in her eyes.

What would she see today? The pounds shedding away to reveal pronounced cheekbones, a hallow spot below her neck just above her collarbone, a gap, a gap, a gap anything to show that her work was paying off, anything to be one of them.
She had seen a picture of K the other day flawless, of course. The curve of her spine showing the hint of bone, the thinness of her skin sensual in so many ways. That was next on her list. Thin skin, so that she would be fragile, in need of protection, a hologram to be admired.

Maybe hair would need to be first. Reaching under the sink, she pulled out a box of hair dye. Blonde was in. Not dirty blonde but the angelic blonde, the kind that would be noticed. She would be all pale skin, blonde hair and thin, mostly thin.

Thin is in.


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