In the midst of all the chaos.

I learned that in the chaos of a wedding it isn’t the big moments that stand out it’s the small ones. It isn’t the decorations, arrangements and the music, it’s the people and how they make you you feel.

I realized today that as women we make big sacrifices. We leave our family and marry into a new one. We steadfastly try to hold onto both, prioritizing, fixing, mediating and we do this because we know it’s our job, it’s who we are as woman. Today however I watched my soon to be husband be the fixer, the mediator and the foundation for us all. Yes I’m leaving my family but as I watched him walk from guest to guest with a gusto of laughter and a compassionate ear I knew that although I was leaving something great behind I would be creating something wonderful with this man.

To my family I say thank you. These words encompass everything from the quiet moments to the loud, the fighting, the laughter and everything in between. I promise to never change unless it’s to become a better version of myself.

To my friends who I will miss dearly but will never leave I say this; our relationship may change, our lives may become crazy but without friends where would we be? I hope our kids grow up together, I hope we see eachother often, I hope we laugh and cry and it’ll be the same as it never, but always was.

To all future brides I have these words of wisdom: be happy, have fun and remember it’s not about throwing the biggest party it’s about family, friends and celebrating love.


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