Whispers Under Ground by Ben Aaronovitch

The thing about reading a good series is that you run out of things to say about it. The Peter Grant saga has been a lesson in blogging for me because as much as I enjoy reading the novels I don’t know if I necessarily enjoy blogging about them. Mostly because I’m convinced that beyond wanting to hear about the first book you may not care so much about the next few. Nevertheless, below is a recap of an amazing novel. 

Whispers Under Ground by Ben Aaronovitch follows the Peter Grant Saga. In his latest adventure an American student, James Gallagher, is murdered in the rail stations of Metropolitan London. A regular run of the mill murder wouldn’t involve Peter but in this case the murder weapon is a magical piece of pottery. Weird right? Peter has his work cut out for him in this one, it turns out the victim is the son of an American Senator. While having his regular superiors breathing down his neck reminding him to keep the magic in check, he also has an FBI agent to worry about. As if things couldn’t get stranger Leslie can now do magic and has unofficially joined the team at the Folly. Leslie, Peter and Nightingale must hunt down the Faceless man, solve this murder and prepare for the battle of a lifetime against forces that seem hell bent on killing them.

The best parts of this series are the cleverly woven history lessons about London. Aaronovitch doesn’t just tell you the story he makes you live it. In his eyes London isn’t just a city it’s an architectural and historical masterpiece. It’s not just a place to live it’s a living entity all on it’s own. He makes it magical and real, transcending the bounds of writing through his imagery and complete adoration of a city that is a fictional hotspot for so many of us.

If you are looking for a light, witty read with depth, passion and adventure then this series is for you.


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