Did you just write her off? The J.K Rowling problem.

I know I talk about/quote/compare everything to Harry Potter but what can I say, I’m a diehard fan. I’ve read all of the Harry Potter books, some of them more then once but I have never read any of her other books. Why? Because she will forever in my mind be associated with the series I love the most and to read anything else by her, about someone other then Harry Potter just seems ridiculous. I know this probably sounds crazy but it’s the same thing we do when we see an actor play a reoccurring role, we forever associate him with the character we remember. Will I ever read another J.K Rowling book? Probably not, she’s a great author and I’m sure the other books are all fantastic but call me crazy I just can’t do it. What do you think? Can you read a non-Harry Potter related J.K Rowling book? Have you already read one? What did you think? Is there another series/author you feel the same way about?


2 thoughts on “Did you just write her off? The J.K Rowling problem.

  1. I LOVE Harry Potter and I was looking forward to seeing what else she could write. I only made it 40 pages into A Casual Vacancy before I gave up. I just couldn’t do it. It felt like she was trying way to hard to write an adult book. I had a friend read it and she manage to finish it, but she didn’t have great things to say about it. She told me it gets better after about 200 pages. I’ve got too many other books I want to read to try and get through one that’s only mediocre and takes 200+ pages to get interesting. I may still try the books under her pen name as I’ve actually heard good things from friends about them. Even if they are good, I’ll probably still find them only okay because nothing will ever compare to the Harry Potter books.

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