Does he do it on purpose?

I’m a cynic at heart, so don’t judge me too harshly for asking does George R. Martin purposefully take a long time to write his books? From a financial standpoint it makes sense, the longer the wait the more the anticipation builds. Readers and admirers of the show alike are waiting with bated breath to see if Martin will produce a book before the next season of GOT is released. And what can you do while you wait? Well, if you only watch the show why not buy the books? Or if you are a diehard fan and have already watched the shows and read the books why not buy the board game while you wait? Or watch reruns or pretty much contribute in any number of ways to the growing Game of Thrones empire.

I love the books I really do but I’m tired of hearing rumors of when the book will be published, how long the series will continue, how old we’ll all be when it finally comes to an end. For goodness sake it’s a book and last time I checked the joy of a book was reading it, not turning it into a multimillion dollar industry and causing as much hype as possible, to earn as much money as one can to ensure that the fans stay hooked and keep coming back for more. I am a reader not a pawn.

What do you think? Am I being too harsh? Is Martin writing as fast as he can? Has writing become more about business then the love of language and the need to tell a story?


6 thoughts on “Does he do it on purpose?

  1. Martin’s a great big procrastinator. But he’s not procrastinating to make money (that was Jordan, who in fairness was dying and leaving a wife behind). He’s procrastinating because he knows he can’t finish the books right. It’s not going to work, and people are going to want to lynch him for it (not because of the wait, but because the first three were STELLAR).

    He badly needs an editor of some good caliber. One that might tell him that it’s a bad idea to leave out Both Climaxes and instead have Tyrion putter around for a third of a book.

    • The first three books were great and I agree he is going to have a hard time pleasing everyone in this next novel. He set himself up for failure in a sense because he ended it off with too many big climaxes and now people are expecting great endings to all the suspense.

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