Random act of kindness #2

I think we take the small moments in life for granted. A gentle smile and a warm hello can go a long way in a world where we are always rushing to go from one place to the next.

Today my best friend, my sister and I trecked over to the one thousand and one steps at Whiterock beach. I live in an area of Vancouver where although everyone is friendly, saying hello and wishing someone well, especially a stranger, is not common by any means. So when my friend assured me that although the view is spectacular the people in that area are the real gem, I thought to myself no way.

She was so very right. People were kind, friendly, pausing to say hello, passing around smiles and encouraging glances like it was nothing at all.

It’s amazing really that we live in a world where a genuine smile is considered rare. Then again, it’s moments such as this that make us appreciate life, people, beauty and the small moments. The things that money, a good job, and the hustle and bustle of life can’t get us.





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