Mile 81 by Stephen King

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Yesterday I spent an evening at the hospital with my grandmother. Luckily, it wasn’t anything too serious but for anyone who has spent an extended period of time in the emergency room you know that it’s a lot like watching grass grow.

Lucky for me I came prepared with my Kobo and I devoured Mile 81 by Stephen King during the arduous wait. It’s a short story with a bite, read it and you’ll know what I mean (shudder K).
The story begins with Pete Simmons. It is summertime and he wants an adventure. His older brother is off rip roaring on his bike with the older kids and Pete left behind, decides to go on an escapade of his own. He treks into the woods towards the abandoned Mile 81 rest stop and while he takes a nap in the abandoned Burger King, terror ensues.

Meanwhile an unexpected host of people stop at Mile 81. The first is a peculiar car with mud (or something else?) caked on every surface but no driver. A parade of other vehicles stopover one by one thinking that there is a driver in need. Little do they know that what waits for them is definitely in need but for something more then a helping hand.

One of the many reasons that I adore Stephen King is that he begins each story by painting you a mundane setting. A typical summer, some kids, a regular family and then he reminds you that reality is never what it seems.
Mile 81 is a quick read for anyone wanting to while away some unstructured time with something frightening, grotesque and shudder inducing.


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