Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

Evil has a new name.

Bill Hodges is a retired police officer but retirement isn’t easy for a man who wanted to catch all of the bad guys on his list. Old cases still ring in his ears as if they just happened yesterday but the one that rings the most loudly is Mr. Mercedes.

On a foggy dawn morning Mr. Mercedes drove into a crowd of bedraggled and desperate people waiting to apply for jobs. It was the calculated act of a madman and Hodges never found him. His chance finally comes in the form of a letter, Mr. Mercedes is watching him, he knows that Hodges is retired and he knows that he will do anything to find and stop him.
With the help of some unlikely allies Hodges chases down a psychotic killer before he can strike again. The story is a careful blend of fast paced action and horrifically damaged characters that only King can create

Although he is the master of horror, in his latest work of fiction King explores a different genre, crime fiction. In some ways, it is different from other novels because we already know who the bad guy is. Unlike other crime fiction stories however, we get inside the bad guys head.

Brady Hartfield not only killed dozens of people during the City Centre Massacre but he also killed his own brother. This doesn’t bother him though, in the grander scheme of things his brother’s death was meant to happen. It made things easier for his mother. They were both happier with just each other for company and Sammy, well he is in a better place now.

Brady’s greatest accomplishment in life other then taking care of his alcoholic mother and working two jobs is that he got away with murder. But now there’s an itch and if he wants to scratch it he’ll have to think of something better then the City Centre massacre, something bigger, something with a bang.

King is brilliant in this fast paced detective novel. We know the killer, we know the hero and each page is turned with a frantic vigor to find out who will win.

It’s a good vs. evil story with a twist.


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