The life of a rock

I threw a rock in the pond today
to watch if it would sink
but it stayed standing just for a moment
glinting in the sunlight
defying gravity and logic.

I think they all do that
shine before the fall
just to show the other rocks
hey, don’t rush in so fast
leave a mark, an imprint
a reminder of the bleak reality of it all.

There are many others around the pond
throwing recklessly, laughing in jest
how many? how far?
a competition in masculinity,
whose the best?

I hold another in my hand
taut arms out stretched
ready to make my contribution
and throw into the pool of death.

They’re helpless, they’re small
they have no feelings
who cares about any of them?
who cares at all?

Throwing a rock does not make you a man
I put it in my pocket
and stroll away.

– Dedicated to the girls hanging from the mango tree. Rape does not make you a man.


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