A small book with a big punch

My Sister’s Keeper by Brenda Chapman is part of the Anna Sweet mystery series for adults. The story revolves around two sisters; one who committed a terrible wrong and the other who is running away from a sister who proved that family ties can be easily broken.

Anna hasn’t spoken to her sister in 5 years. She was a cop before she left Ottawa and now she drifts from town to town fixing drinks and waitressing. One night Anna gets a call from her father, Cheri has been in a car accident and wants to see Anna right away. Anna leaves her nomad life and heads back to Ottawa, back to the sister that she hasn’t completely forgiven. Cheri claims that someone is after her, they want to kill her and take away her family. Is it true or it just a desperate bid for attention? Can Anna ever forgive Cheri?

It’s a short novel and it’s well written. Chapman tells the story from a first person perspective giving the reader enough detail without over indulging in back story. It’s a great story for those days when you want a quick short fix and not a long term commitment. I would highly recommend it for anyone needing a light read or for those recovering from a serious book hangover.


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