Last night I dreamt I was in a Stephen King novel

Last night I dreamt I was inside a Stephen King novel (Lisey’s Story to be exact) and I was pacing around my house in a mad frenzy, terrified that a purple monster was after me. It doesn’t sound scary as I write this but let me tell me you something, the doors were locked from the outside, the windows were bolted shut, there was a shovel in my hand and I was out of my mind terrified. You know something else? This isn’t the first time this has happened to me with a Stephen King novel. His settings resonate and stick with me like no other, whether the story is taking place in an enormous forest (IT), a haunted hotel (The Shining), or a town encapsulated under a paranormal dome (Under the Dome) the setting is always brimming with the right amount of description. There are authors who describe every blade of grass and although it may work for some readers I find that the right amount of description is one that lightly grazes the mind and leaves the rest to your imagination. In my humble opinion it’s a true sign of good writing when the author can seamlessly transport you into his mind without throwing every detail at you. What do you think? Do you have a favorite author or novel where the setting stuck with you?


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