A woman’s worth

stepped on
weighed down by expectations
eyes on the ground
never look up
you see?

We are women
we have a place
but that place is never the same for us all.

We are women
but you take us
mold us
bend us at your will
change us
so we are no longer our own.  

Let me tell you a story will breakers
without us there would be no you
without us beauty and power would remain undefined
without us innocence and peace would be legend
without us what would exist?

You may break us
but you will never own us
you will never crush us
We are woman 
We rise to any and all. 


Two weeks ago in Nigeria approximately 234 school girls were kidnapped. They say that the group who took them is opposed to women being educated. They also say that these young girls, all between the ages of 16-18, will be married off or sold into sexual slavery. Atrocities like this are unacceptable. For more information about how you can help visit http://www.cbc.ca/newsblogs/yourcommunity/2014/05/bringbackourgirls-campaign-sheds-light-on-missing-nigerian-school-girls.html



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