Are you a book snob?

When someone asks you if you’ve read Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey do you cringe and roll your eyes? When someone says their favourite book is Hunger Games do your try to hold back laughter? Some of us, I wont say I’m not one of them have come to the conclusion that we are too good for these books, that they don’t qualify as good literature, don’t stimulate our mind and are therefor not worth the read. But is it really fair of us to look down at these books? The reason I ask is because I am guilty of being a major book snob. I refuse to read 50 Shades of Grey and I would never say Hunger Games was my favorite book because in my mind atleast it wasn’t well written. I am however trying to re-evaluate my position. The authors (I would like to think) put in painstaking effort to create these novels and what gives us the right to create an us vs. them line between these books and what we call good literature?

The reason for this post is I was contemplating buying the Divergent series on my Kobo and I thought to myself, would anyone read the review? After jumping from classical fiction to a contemporary teeny bopper book am I just making myself look bad? Perhaps I’m over thinking it, the point of reading is to enjoy what you read and I think I would enjoy Divergent. What do you think? Are you a book snob? Do you judge others on what they read? Are you what you read?




2 thoughts on “Are you a book snob?

  1. I’m not a book snob; in fact, I think I have a pretty open mind when it comes to reading. I don’t judge others by what they choose to read, as we all have different preferences and what they read is up to them.

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