How many is too many?


Is there a certain series you read, one that may not be the literary champion of the world but is your guilty pleasure none the less? I have a guilty pleasure, although I don’t feel very guilty about it. I have read all 19 (not including all the in between the series or the newest addition) Janet Evanovich novels. Now don’t get me wrong, I simply adore these books. They’re funny and a breath of much needed fresh air especially after reading one too many gloomy novels but my question is how many is too many? For those of you who haven’t read the series the novels focus on clumsy, loveable Stephanie Plum a horribly amazing bounty hunter. The plot line changes with each book, however one perpetual problem remains unsolved throughout all of the novels. Who does Stephanie love? Is it cop and former high school crush Joe Morelli? Or is it Ranger, the mysterious but dependable man in black? There is also the troubling question of what Stephanie wants to do with the rest of her life, does she want to remain a bounty hunter living pay cheque to pay cheque or does the author have some end goal in mind?

I think what bothers me most and this is a personality flaw, I need to know how things end. I need to know that there is a conclusion and that eventually the characters will reach a happy or unhappy ending. I love these books, I really do, but the obsessive control freak in me needs to know, will Stephanie choose between Joe and Ranger and what will she do with the rest of her life?

How do you feel about never ending series?



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