Free iBooks!

While strolling through the free iBook section I noticed that among the oddballs, classics and the random joke books there are actually quite a few treasures. Here is a short and by no means comprehensive list of books and categories of books that I came across:

1. 12 Years a Slave: I did not think that I would find this as a free iBook, however not only is it free but there are also illustrations included in this version.

2. The Walking Dead: The first comic book of the series is available on the app.

3. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Who doesn’t remember watching Brad Pitt in this heart warming and strange tale?

4. Self help books: I came across quite a few books on money saving techniques, human behaviour, how to make conversation and ways to deal with anxiety and depression.

5. Lots of great healthy eating books: They’re not very comprehensive but they are to the point and most of them have great simple recipes for those of us who like to experiment with different foods.

6. Workout books: Similar to the healthy eating books not all of these books are comprehensive and they don’t always provide the greatest instructions but I think they’re a great stepping stone for anyone looking to switch up their exercise routine.

7. Children’s books: Whose child, nephew or niece hasn’t made a grab for the iPhone or iPad? Heck, sometimes we just hand it to them in the hopes that the monsoon of tears and screaming will stop. Well guess what folks, there are quite a few free children’s books available to keep your little person occupied.

Happy reading!



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