Is it even possible?

For those of you who have read The Stand by Stephen King you are aware of what a beautifully written monster it is. But what do you think about it being turned into a movie? Is it possible to condense such a large and complicated story, not to mention the various different story lines into one film? More importantly will the film do it justice? Or is this going to be another book to movie that falls short of our expectations? Under the Dome is another brute of a book by Stephen King (a brilliant one I might add). It was turned into a miniseries and I was amused but not surprised to see the letter that King wrote to his fans about the changes that were made from the novel to the show. I think this is a great indicator of the die hard fans who follow King and his novels. I don’t know about you but I would rather picture it in my mind then see it on screen. What do you think?


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