Why do we blog?

I read an interesting article the other day about blogging and it made me think, why do we blog? Do we do it to fill our free time? Do we want a platform to share our ideas, thoughts and feelings? Are we looking for a creative outlet? In a world where being a published writer is not an easy feat to accomplish it seems that blogs have become our substitute. The article that I read is about Carrie Anne Snyder and was featured on cbc.ca. Her blog Obscure Can Lit Mama is an amalgamation of writing, photography and moments in her life. What captured my interest was her advice for someone looking to start their own blog, which was “blog because you want to”. I love that, because at the end of the day isn’t that what we’re all really doing? Yes, we are trying to find a platform for our blogs, set a theme, provide informative information pertaining to our theme, collect followers and likes but really it isn’t what other people think of our blog that matters. It’s that feeling of walking away from the laptop and knowing we created something and that the imagination starved child within us is once again satiated. Last week I posted a quote from the book Le Petit Prince, the quote roughly translated to a child telling the reader that adults lack imagination, that in order to have a conversation with them (us) things need to make sense. I think blogging is a way for us adults to fight back against the ingenuity that we keep bottled inside, It’s a chance for us to unleash our inner child and say what we want, how we feel and explore a passion that we may otherwise classify as “a waste of time”. So kudos to blogs, bloggers and the world of writers for taking the time out to explore the youngster in us all. If you would like to read Carrie Anne Snyder’s interview check out:




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