15 ab exercises you have never done but should do: The iBook that keeps on giving!

Authors: Arnel Ricafranca & Jesse Vince-Cruz

I was a little hesitant when I first came across this iBook. Ab exercises can be the hardest form of exercise to not only do but also do well. Learning proper form and technique from a book, well I had my doubts. I was however proven wrong because…drum roll please…this iBook comes with videos for each of the 15 moves! Not only that but Coach Arnel has a very straightforward explanation on how to approach each movement in either a beginner or advanced form. I also feel it’s important to point out that in his explanation of each video he critiques his own form thus giving you a better idea of how and why to make slight changes. At the end of the iBook there is a link to a workout website that further expands on the moves and offers even more free videos. This iBook is a quick and informative read for anyone who is looking to switch up his or her exercise routine.


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